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Sharon, Insurance Agent

WHEN I WAS EIGHT YEARS OLD, my mom and dad came running down the hall to get me and my sisters out of the house which was on fire. While standing in the street, we watched our house burn to the ground and it was devastating. Later, a man in a suit came to visit my dad as we stayed in a trailer on our property. While they were talking I saw my dad shake his hand with an unusual bit of sincerity.
Who was that, daddy? I asked him.
“That was our insurance agent,” he said. “He’s going to get us our house back.”
Five months later, we were moving into our new house and we were all so excited. Suddenly I saw that same man pull up, get out of his car and start talking to my dad again. This time, however, my dad gave him a hug—and he wasn’t the kind to do that.
When I get older, I said to myself, I want to do what he does.
So, if you’d like an insurance agent who really cares. I hope you’ll give me a call.

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